Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mmmm Cake!

Owen went to a birthday party today for 4 of his friends who are turning 2! He had a great time and was very excited about the cake. If I would have left him unattended for a moment, I am confident his hands/face would have been in that cake before any one had a chance to sing "Happy Birthday"!

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Two More for the List...

  1. Last night while reading a Little People book, Owen picked out the little blonde bowl-cut kid on each page and said "Owen."
  2. Owen likes to have his owies kissed. He has a bad diaper rash. Last night he asked me to kiss his butt: "Butt. Kiss!"

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Owen Says...

  • Yesterday, as I was pulling out of the parking lot, Owen advised me to be "careful."
  • As you may know Jack Johnson did the soundtrack for The Curious George Movie and it featured a song called "People Watching". When that came on in the car Owen said "People watching. George."
  • He then told me that George got in trouble and was crying.
  • Owen has entered a "phase" where he is very, very possessive of any and all toys and does NOT share. He gets very angry when other kids try to play with any toys in his vicinity and will start hitting. He's done this at school some and when I asked him the other day what he did at school he said, "Hit. Andrew cried."
  • Owen was coloring on my paper and said "excuse me" as he pushed my hand aside to color in that spot.
  • Whenever Owen is enthusiastic or excited about something he adds an "-ers" to the end of some words. Yeppers is a prime example. Sammers for Sam is pretty cute too.
  • He has starting using "too" a lot. "Do you want to shoot hoops?" "Yeppers! Mommy too?"
  • He can count to six now.
  • My efforts to teach him colors were amiss. He's much too young for that and it is too abstract a concept. Now if I ask him what kind of something he wants but he doesn't really know how to answer, he responds in colors. Like, "What kind of bagel do you want?" "Red."

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back to the Beach for Sunset

See Food

If I open my eyes maybe I can get a huge Elephant ear!

Owen Rides a Carousel

Gaining enough confidence to wave to Mommy as we go around.

62 and Sunny in January?

Doesn't Everyone Have A Tunnel

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rough Night

Owen is sick. He woke up at about 2am last night throwing up and continued to do so till about 10am today. Then he ate some toast and drank some water and is napping. If you've never been covered in your child's vomit, you should try it. It's great fun. ;-)

Otherwise, things have been going well in Owen's World. He is now 21 months old, getting his second molars, and seems to be spurting again finally! He's finally outgrowing those 18-month clothes!

He loves daycare now and usually uses the terms "play", "friends" and "fun" in association with it. He is learning several new words per day and is really testing my vocabulary as I try to come up with new words every day to teach him! He says three-word sentences but hasn't figured out the 'connecting words' yet. But he gets his points across. For example, instead of saying "where did my blanket go?" he says "owen's blanket go?"

He is 110% boy. He loves 'things that go' still. He is obsessed with crashes. His favorite animals are spiders, sharks and dinosaurs, if you'd count that as an animal! There is a barn near our house where Owen claims that a zebra, dinosaur and mouse live. Sounds scary to me!

He is starting to go through a clingy and crabby phase. He clings to me for dear life when we first get somewhere, even if we've been there before. And he's not a good sharer anymore, although this is to be expected of a 2 year old. They have to live in their own selfish world through the two's before they can begin to think about others. But it makes for some interesting debacles with his friends and random kids. He always wants to "have it!", it always seems to be "owen's turn" and of course everything is "mine!"

Mullet Removed

Owen got his second haircut on Monday, as he was starting to grow a mullet. Here are some shots of the new 'do although getting photos of him lately is difficult. He wants to see what is on the camera screen so as soon as you take out the camera he comes running towards you to look at the screen!

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Duckies! Bread!

Owen likes to feed the ducks bread ... but he also likes to just eat the bread himself. (Luckily, we brought fresh bread since we didn't have any old bread to bring!)

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Saturday, January 10, 2009